Wolf Rust Vending System Generation 2 has been released!

Sep 21, 2022 | Featured, Updates | 0 comments

Author: <a href="https://blog.wolfrust.gg/author/papa/" target="_self">Papa</a>

Author: Papa

About the Author: Network Owner, Global Director of the Wolf Rust Network.

The next generation of the Wolf Rust Vending Machine System has arrived and is available for all players!

Recently, we introduced what is now the 💸|vending-list in Discord that lists all active vending machine offers on the US and EU servers. It’s definitely handy! But… scrolling page by page through an index of all vending machines, alphabetically by Grid location isn’t always the most convenient…

Today, we are introducing two powerful new features to our Rust-to-Discord vending system:

Feature 1 | Players can now use $search itemname in 💸|vending-search to search all current vending machine offers for a specific item.

Use the command $search and then an item name, like $search rifle.ak to begin your search. The bot will ask you to choose either the US and EU server. It will then return all results from active vending machine offers! The results show the Shop Name, Trade Info, Seller Info, Vending Machine Location, and whether the Vending Machine is Drone-accessible or not.

List of all official item names: https://www.corrosionhour.com/rust-item-list/

Feature 2 | Players with active vending machine offers will now be pinged by @Wolf Rust Vending 2.0 when someone buys from their machine! The message will contain the Purchaser, What Item(s) You Sold, What Item(s) You Received in Return, and Current Inventory of your Vending Machine!

Please use 📩|open-a-ticket to report any issues with the system. We hope you all are excited as we are to bring these new capabilities to the network.

Special thanks to @yoshi for all of the hard work!

Happy Playing,
@Papa & the Wolf Rust Network Staff Team